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Landlord Fees Scale & Charges

Landlord Fees Schedule
General Fees and Commission
Chargeable Service:Buyer
Rent ManagementFull Property Management
Buyer Introduction Service Charge60% of 1st month’s rent Subject to (£360 min)60% of 1st month’s rent Subject to (£360 min)50% of 1st month’s rent Subject to (£360 min)
Buyer Introduction & Rent Collection Service Chargen/aAs above & 6.00% of monthly rent thereaftern/a
Full Property Management Service Charge (Unfurnished Property)n/an/a8% of the gross monthly rent
Full Property Management Service Charge (Furnished Property)n/an/a8.5% of the gross monthly rent
Property visits where requested by landlord (per visit)£90.00£90.00  0
Additional Inspections where requested by landlord (per visit)n/a £75£50.00 
Provision of Annual Statement or backdated Monthly Statements n/a £20.00 per Statement0
Vacant Property Caretaking Service (where requested by Landlord for long term unoccupied properties – not chargeable) n/a £240.00 pm from week 5 £240.00 pm from week 5
Check out service and deposit resolution if requested by landlord£150n/a 0
Service of section 21/8/13 notice n/a£1000
Court attendance n/a£100£50
Attendance at property to meet bailiffsn/a£500
Deposit Dispute submission to TDS n/a£750
Overseeing major repairs and refurbishment worksn/a10%cost of work
Inventory & Condition Report Charges(on request)£120£1000
Landlord obligation & Maintenance
Landlord obligation and support charges
Chargeable ServiceBuyer SourcingRent ManagementFull Property Management
EPC (Required for Marketing)£60£60£60
Provision of Property Floor Plan for enhanced Marketing£50£500
Provision of Lanlord Gas Safety Certificate£60£60£60
Boiler Service£110£110£110
Electrical Installation Condition Report£100£100£100
Portable Appliance and Smoke /CO Alarm check£60£60£60
Water System Legionnaire RiskAssessment£200£200£200
(advised after extended vacant periods)
Major repair work, where external suppliers engagedn/an/a10% of repair value